Recap: Python Minna May Meetup

The anticipation to the our second meetup in 2019 was exciting going by the response to the event form despite the short notice. As follow up to our efforts in January,2019 where we talked about Django Python Framework used

Writing better Git commit messages

Its been awhile and i believe you have been awesome. As the second quarter of 2019 hits the nth day, it is our believe that you have taken some challenges and aced it! Progress is paramount in any field we find ourselves and as we strive to better we wish you the best things life can offer.

Python Minna: January Meetup on Django re-usable apps

The stage was set and neutrals had alot going their minds concerning the subject matter. It was our first meetup (26/1/2019) in 2019 and one more step taken in the evangelism of python programming concepts. In case you missed the ‘memo’ in paragraph 1

How We Found Confidence in November

How did we get here? some may be curious to know and the answer is ‘we took a step sometime in 2017 and now we are here…’. The technology community in Niger State is gathering momentum and it is our hope that one day it will be a place to groom, RETAIN and sustain its own produce.

Flutter Live: Viewing Party in Minna, Niger State

Lets say we a had flute that produce sounds after you put together some codes that is compiled… Pardon the high level jargon at the demise of the first sentence but its a prelude to what the awesome Flutter does for software developers.

Meetup: Confidence as a tool for Self Discovery

Whenever one is beset by a situation that he or she is unsure of – facing someone admired, having to perform in front of an audience, or simply talking to others – he or she is facing a goodly amount of stress. Confident people are usually able to face these situations without blinking; but the rest of us will probably melt away and try to run away from the situation.